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Traffic Control Program

Traffic Control Program

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The course is designed to help you learn how to tremendously process and implement traffic control plans. In this course participants will learn the entire process of designing, creating, installing, managing, maintaining, and evaluating traffic control in worksites.

Course Insight

In construction sites, employers need an effective traffic control plan and crew needs to proceed in accordance with the directions and guidelines of the plan. This course will help you learn how to make and design a traffic control plan and ways to effectually proceed with that plan to meet the objectives successfully.

Learning Outcomes Of The Course

You will be able to modify your skills:

  • Understand all the basic and essential concepts required to efficiently design a sound traffic control plan.
  • Learn and understand the basic principles of temporary traffic control.
  • Learn ways pertaining to the proper processes and procedures for adjustments.
  • Learn legal implications in terms of traffic management.

This course is highly recommended for engineering technicians, traffic engineers, consultants, and passionate individuals responsible for traffic control design and plan approval.

Modules Covered

The course will be based on the below-mentioned topics:

  • Introduction
  • Human Factors
  • Types of TTC Activities
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • Fundamental Principles of TTC
  • Component Parts of a TTC Zone
  • Legal Aspects of TTC
  • Traffic Control Plan
  • Nighttime Work Zones
  • TTC Design Strategies

The Cost Of The Course

The cost of the course is 270 plus GST.

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