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Canada laws bind any person exposed to any hazardous material in the work environment to get the required training-Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems. At AllSkillsMatter, we offer in-class WHIMS training. It is tailor-made in a comprehensive way to include globally harmonized units of classifications and labeling of chemicals enacted in 2015. The course also mirrors all previous content from WHIMS systems like WHIMS 1988.

The Course Outline

It consists of six chapters, which includes:

  • Introduction to WHMIS 2015
  • Interpreting data sheets and labels
  • Hazard classes
  • Safe handling, storage, use, and disposal of dangerous chemicals.
  • The criteria to follow when there‚Äôs is an emergency or spillage
  • Final exam

Upon completion of the course and scoring a pass mark of 80%, you will be awarded a wallet or wall-size certification of your choosing. We will induce interactive styles throughout the course that will ensure you understand this content.

Why Take Our Course

Its essential to go for this program as it helps you to;

  • Take the proper measures to protect you and your co-workers
  • Identify and mark chemicals
  • Control hazardous materials

The goal of the course is to help employees properly identify and label chemicals, ensure SDSs are available and train them about various hazardous materials found in the work environment.
The program is intended to be taken entirely in the classroom. But we are not limited to this only; we can customize our program to meet your requirements. Contact AllSkillsMatter for this and other related services.

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